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St John's Masonic Lodge No 185

St John's Masonic Lodge No 185 was constituted 1866 and took up residence in a leased premises of the Trustee Saving Bank, William Street, Dungannon.

Dungannon Lodge Room

During the lodge's working years membership increased, and consequently the lease of the Saving Bank premises was coming to end in 1895, where upon a committee was formed to look into various options open to them, and eventually after lot deliberations it was decided to purchase 'Dungannon Club House' (also called "The Society House"), but it took until April 1897 before the new hall was equipped for use.

During the Second World War with tragedy and hardship taking place (mainly the likes food shortages and members serving in the armed forces), the lodge continued and fought with adversity and tenacity. During the last year of the war an opportunity came way for the Freemasons of Dungannon and they decided to purchase another premises adjoining the hall where we still reside to this current day, The Masonic Hall, Thomas Street, Dungannon, in the heart of Co. Tyrone.

Dungannon Lodge Room

St John's Masonic Lodge is made up of a 'Brotherhood of Men', who are family orientated - this coupled with obligation to abide by the Golden Rules - as a Mason you are obligated to assist fellow Masons with care of the orphans, the widows, the sick and the elderly. This work provides the cohesion aspect of Freemasonry, and in addition a member is expected to play an active part in society to support those less fortunate. Membership of the Order is open to all men of integrity and goodwill irrespective of colour or creed.