History of Harmony 5867

Devenish Tower

The first Warrant in the Irish Constitution with the number 586 was issued to a Lodge in Bellaghy, Co. Londonderry, in the year 1781. This Warrant was cancelled in 1812 and the number 586 next appeared on a Warrant issued to a Lodge at Magherafelt in 1814, later it was issued to Harmony Lodge 586, Enniskillen, and was constituted by Right Worshipful The Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Bro. W.H.Darragh on the 11th Day of July, 1924. In recognition of this historic event he presented the Lodge with a maul which is kept in a glass case on the Dais.

The Foundation members numbering 25 were by and large from the sister Lodges in Enniskillen. The decision to have a fourth Lodge in the Enniskillen area was fully justified as during the following fifteen years the Lodge membership more than doubled and reached a total of 62 members in 1939.

Attendances at the early installations were usually less than 40 but gradually increased during the 1930s to between 70 and 80 brethren and guests. At the installation on 21st January, 1938, 82 brethren and guests subscribed £9,5,0 (£9.25) at the Dinner Charity Collection.

At the monthly stated communications during the late 1920s attendances averaged 25 members supplemented by around 5 visitors and contributions towards the Charity Collections worked out at around 6 old pence (2 1/2P) per person.

Devenish Tower

During the late 1940s and early fifties a keen and active interest in the ritual of the Order was taken by many of the Junior members who received encouragement and support from the Senior Members. This has been carried on up to the present time and in Lodge 586 the aim has always been to preserve and perfect our ritual and working. A team from the Lodge exemplified the degree of Installed Master at the Grand Lodge of Instruction in Belfast in December, 1984.

During the short history of the Lodge two distinguished brethren have served as secretary for a total of 47 years. Worshipful Bro. George H. Bleakly who served from 1933 to 1954 and Right Worshipful Bro. Ian C. Eadie who served from 1956 to 1982. The Lodge was further honoured when on 27th December, 1983 Right Worshipful Bro. Eadie was invested as Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi in Grand Lodge in Dublin.

Harmony Lodge has very close ties with Harlech Lodge 165 Sligo. Since 1957 when their Worshipful Master, Worshipful Bro. James Donnelly extended an invitation to it to attend the communication of his Lodge. With the exception of a break due to the troubles during the 1970s and 1980s visits have become an annual event with each Lodge visiting each other on alternate years.

In conclusion, Harmony Lodge looks forward into the future determined to uphold all the principles of Freemasonry and justify the foresight and good faith of the 25 members who formed in 1924.