VW. BRO Henry Keys receives his 50 Year Jewel from the Provincial Grand Master

277 Stated Communication 17th May 2012

RW.Bro Harry Weir and VW.Bro Henry Keys

RW.Bro Harry Weir and VW.Bro Henry Keys

At the last communcation of Irvinestown 277 before the summer break RW.Bro Harry Weir presented VW.Bro Henry Keys with a 50 Year Jewel and the WM W.Bro Nigel Nicholl presented him with his certificate. RW. Bro Harry Weir was thanked by VW.Bro Keys for all the work he has done over the past ten years as Provincial Grand Master and before that in his various offices. Bro. David Hughes also received his GL certificate from RW.Bro Harry Weir.

A festive board at the Necarne Arms after the meeting was very sucessful with the brethern enjoying chicken legs and other hot food.

Hot food buffet