Beautiful New Desk for Cookstown Masonic Hall.

Provincial Officers, etc. at the Desk dedication

WBro. Paul Bruce PGI, RWBro. Stanley Whittle PAGM,
WBro. Billy McCombe (Chairman, Cookstown Masonic Hall Committee),
WBro. Philip Brisbane & WBro. Kenneth Glasgow.

Cookstown Hall Committee Chairman, W. Bro. Billy McCombe decided last year that the Secretary and Treasurer's desk in Cookstown Masonic Hall needed to be replaced. The old desk which had served well for many years had reached it's sell-by date and was no longer fit for it's intended purpose.

Rather than purchasing a new modern desk, he asked W.Bro Philip Brisbane who is a member of some of the Lodges who meet in the hall and is Secretary of Craft Lodge 470 if he could produce something in keeping with the other furniture in the Lodge Room. Having used the old desk as Secretary, Philip was well placed to come up with a design specifically for the use that the desk was to be put to.

Philip agreed to give it a go, and set about designing the desk. Over a period of months during 2015 the desk was designed and constructed in solid oak, using only the finest materials available. To quote Billy McCombe...'When I was invited to view the finished product, I was absolutely amazed. The only fear that I had was that we would not be in a financial position to pay for it. Every last detail had been meticulously crafted including the Masonic symbols, the relief work and the nine beautifully fitted drawers.'

Officers of Lodge 470 with visiting Brethren at the Desk dedication.

Standing Left to Right :
WBro. Kenneth Crooks, WBro. Paul Bruce PGI, VWBro. Will Shaw,
RWBro. Stanley Whittle PAGM, VWBro. Roy Wilkins, WBro. Kenneth Glasgow,
WBro. Jackie McCombe, WBro. Joseph Henderson.
Seated Left to Right : WBro. Philip Brisbane, WBro. Richard Glasgow.

It was at that point that Philip announced that he wished to donate the desk to the Hall with no charge either for the materials or indeed for the many painstaking hours that he had devoted to making it. What a generous gesture on his behalf and such an excellent example to all fellow Masons. All six Lodges who use the Hall were extremely impressed and grateful for such a display of Philip's generosity.

At a recent Monthly communication of Lodge 470, Representatives of all six Lodges including some Provincial Officers were invited to a ceremony of dedication. WBro Ken Glasgow, Chaplain of 470 carried this out in a very dignified fashion and the Hall Committee provided supper afterwards for all present. All who have seen the desk have described it as a modern-day work of art.

Thank you Philip for displaying the true spirit of Masonry to all of us. We are all extremely grateful.