Omagh Masonic; Three brethren receive 50-year jewels.

Omagh Masonic;  Three brethren receive 50-year jewels.

Front Row [L-R] RWBro Maurice Lee PGM, WBro Billy Caldwell, WBro John Eakin, WBro Jim Eakin
and RWBro Jim Moore, PAGM.
Back Row [L-R] Masonic Brethren Brian Hussey, Anil Tandon, Gary Brandon, and Fred Breen

At a function in Omagh Masonic Hall on Tuesday 27th November, three brethren received 50-year jewels from their respective Lodges, namely Mr John Eakin, Mr James Eakin and Mr William Caldwell. Their jewels were presented by RWBro Maurice Lee MBE, Provincial Grand Master, in what may well have been an event unique in Irish masonry. Certainly, no-one present could recall an occasion when two brothers from different Lodges received 50-year jewels on the same night. Brother John is a member of Concord Masonic Lodge No 332 while his brother James is a member of Victory Masonic Lodge No 689, both having joined the Order in 1967. William [Billy] Caldwell has been a member of Cappagh Masonic Lodge No 350 since 1968. Tributes were paid to all three brethren and their achievements celebrated after the meeting with a fellowship meal provided by WBro Peter Waterson